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Feuling Race Series Camchest Kits

Feuling Race Series Camchest Kits

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Product Overview

•Take the guesswork out of ordering
•All necessary components from top to bottom of the camchest
•Each part works and functions together in total harmony
•Provides maximum reliability, longevity, peak performance and the coolest engine and oil temperatures obtainable
•Conversion chain drive kits allows owners to update old mechanical style cams and tensioners to new hydraulic tensioner system
•Kits include Feuling® Race Series™ high volume oil pump, high flow billet Camplate, REAPER® Series Camshafts, Race Series™ hydraulic roller
Lifters, adjustable Pushrods, Timken®/ Koyo® Bearings, Gaskets, O-rings, hardware, ARP® fasteners, washers, moly lube and Loctite®

NOTE: Installation of gear drive cams will require separate purchase of S&S Gear Drive Kit>see related parts at bottom of page

508 Cams
The Grim Reaper aggressive pulling power with a nasty sound
This camshaft revs up faster than the 521 grind, sounds nastier and pulls harder, but is more difficult to tune
The Reaper 508 grind will shine in 114” and larger cubic inch engines with added compression ratio
Ported cylinder heads are not required, but will complement the cam and add even more pulling power throughout the range
The stock throttle body produces an excellent powerband and use of a high flow throttle body will increase peak power numbers
A high-flow exhaust system and air cleaner is highly recommended for optimal performance
High-lift valve springs are required
Heavy-duty pushrods are highly recommended
2500 - 6250 rpm range

594 CAMS
•Fierce performing camshaft for an array of engine sizes, large displacement 103", 110" and 124" engines looking for a superior torque band with excellent horsepower gains in heavy bikes (2,200 - 6,250 rpm)
•Smaller high-revving displacement 95" style engines in lighter bikes looking to twist the throttle and tap into some
horsepower (2,500 - 6,800 rpm)
•Large displacements respond well to increased compression ratio and smaller displacements will require it

NOTE: 594 cams require high-performance valve springs, pushrods, lifters, carburetor and or throttle body work, performance exhaust, intake and clutch.

630 CAMS
•Vicious power gains, wide streetable power band from high-lift-profile camshaft for high-performance engines with highly
modified cylinder heads and compression ratio
•Carburetor and or throttle body work required along with a performance exhaust and intake system
•Maintains low end performance with eye-blurring mid and top end power
•High-performance valve springs, pushrods and lifters required
•2500-6900+ rpm power range

521 CAMS
•Aggressive pulling power with a nasty sound, the REAPER 521 grind will shine in 114 and larger cubic inch engines with added compression ratio.
•Ported cylinder heads are not required but will complement the cam and add even more pulling power throughout the range.
•RPM range 2,250 - 6,250.
•FEULING recommends matching this cam with our RACE SERIES oiling system #7097. High lift valve springs are required, see FEULING BEEHIVE valve spring kit #1107 and #1108.Heavy duty pushrods are highly recommended see #4087.

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