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Dyno Tuning

I get asked this question all the time. Is Dyno tuning really necessary?

The short answer, yes! We all know Harley's come out of the factory running lean to both meet EPA and Gov't mileage standards. This creates excessive heat and over time will damage critical valve train components such as valve seats and guides. A properly tuned motor will maintain fuel mileage but will also add fuel under heavy load conditions or when wide open throttle conditions are desired. Our job is to make your motor run happy, a properly tuned bike will naturally develop its own power. Even a box stock motor can benefit from a Dyno tune! Adding pipes, open air cleaners, cams and big bore kits are all fun, but if the bike isn't tuned properly, you won't receive the full benefits of the upgrades and again, premature wear on critical components. 

We all know there are many tuners on the market. All map based. In the simplest of terms, the same map they will send us here in the Sandusky area where we are approximately 600 feet above sea level is the same map they will send a guy in Denver who is 5000 feet up where there is no air! It can not work for everyone. Some offer "Auto Tune" features. But these are based on the stock narrow band 02 sensors the bike comes with from the factory. So the auto tune only works in the narrow band range, basically, your cruising range. All tunes start with a map, but a map is the starting point. To properly tune the bike requires using wide band 02 sensors and a gas analyzer to read the air fuel ratio and adjust the VE (volumetric efficiency) and timing tables accordingly. There are many tables to consider in tuning a bike, but the three main tables are the VE , AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) and Spark Tables. 

I often hear, i put a this or a that tuner on my bike and runs great! My question always is... how do you know? Running lean builds power, but also creates heat and once again, damages engine components. The only way to know for sure is to have your bikes tested on a Dyno. 

Dyno tuning is not expensive. We charge $250.00 for a Dyno Tune. We use Power Vision to tune with. No need to purchase a tuner. Just purchase a license for $199 and we marry our tuner to your ecu. In effect, you have a tuner that stays with your bike for life, safely stored in the cloud. The license (tuner) can easily be accessed by anyone worldwide should you make modifications and require additional tuning. Its both the best technology on the market and the most economical system available. 

Our Dyno Jet 250I was purchased new in 2017 and features all the latest upgrades and latest technology making it the most accurate Dyno in the area. 

Want to just see what kind of power your putting out? We'll run your bike on the Dyno no charge - by appointment only.

Stop by and see us, or give us a call at 419-624-8739 to set an appointment.


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