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Custom Dynamics Pro Beam Rear Turn Signal Inserts

Custom Dynamics Pro Beam Rear Turn Signal Inserts

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Selected Part Details Signal Insrt Bllt 1156 Rd Manufacturer Part No: PB-R-1156
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Product Overview

The Brightest LED lights on the market for your Harley! Backed by Custom Dynamics Lifetime Warranty!

Maximize performance with unique reflector technology and the most superior automotive-grade LEDs available
Inserts utilize automotive-grade LEDs to produce an even brighter light output with wider viewing angle

Solid amber Turn Signals include 24 amber LEDs in each cluster with a 1156 (single contact) base. Amber 1156 turn signals blink as a full contrast amber turn signal and comes with DOT/SAE Compliant amber lenses.

Solid Red Turn Signals are comprised of 24 Red LEDs, the 1156 (single contact) base. Red turn signal blinks as a full contrast Red turn signal while the dual intensity 1157 Red turn signal provides a dim running light from all 24 Red LEDs and a full intensity brake & turn signal. DOT/SAE Compliant Red lenses included.

Red Ring Turn Signals feature an outer ring of 16 Red LEDs which showcase a smooth red halo that functions as the running light while 12 center red LEDs provide a full-contrast brake and turn signal light for maximum visibility. Available with 1157 base or JAE connector and DOT/SAE Compliant red lenses.

ProBEAM® Turn Signals are DOT and SAE Compliant and backed by the Custom Dynamics® Lifetime LED Warranty. Sold as a Pair.

Sold in Pairs

Not sure what style inserts you need? JAE, 1157 or 1156? 1157 bulbs are dual filament 2 post style, 1156 bulbs are single filament single post style. JAE bulbs are used on 2016 and newer CVO models only!

Note: 2011-and newer Softails, 2012-2017 Dynas, 2014-and newer XLs, 2014-and newer Touring Bikes do not need a signal stabilizer or any other type of load equalizer. IF the turn signal indicators on the dash flashes fast, run the 4-way hazards for 3-5 minutes with the LEDs installed to reset it. All other years require a turn signal stabilizer> see related parts at bottom of page

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