M&M Cycles is now Mozaic Racing! Read About Us.

About Us

M&M Cycles is now Mozaic Racing

In 2018, M&M Cycles incorporated under the name Mozaic Racing.

In the background we have been running two web sites, www.mandmcycles.com and www.mozaicracing.com. This allowed us to test the functionality and new features of our Mozaic site without affecting our M&M site.  We are now bringing both web sites together!

Whether you search for M&M Cycles or Mozaic Racing, you will brought to the same website!

Simply type in your make model and year and we display only what fits your bike! Shopping is a breeze!

Color and styles are displayed to make choices a simple click of the mouse!

We encourage you to check us out and shop with the confidence of knowing that Mark aka “Pop”, Linda aka “Mom”, our son Mike, and daughter Carolyn care about each and every order.

About Mom and Pop!

Mom & Pop

Years ago when you went to your local dealer to buy a part or a bike you spoke with the owner. He may have been behind the counter or working on a bike in the shop but he would stop what he was doing to help you, to talk to you.

Meanwhile his wife was busy with the paperwork and the day to day running of the business. She always had a smile on her face and truly enjoyed talking with her customers. They worked 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Not because they were greedy, but because that's what it took to run the store.

Mom & Pop

They cared more about servicing there customers than the almighty dollar. Being successful meant opening the doors in the morning and turning the lights on. And because they stayed small and because they did everything themselves they gave each customer the attention and service that they knew only they could.

When they earned a dollar it was "earned" and it was "appreciated"! The customer felt good about spending his hard earned dollars there knowing he had gotten the best service available and had made a small difference in mom and pop's life.

That's who we are, Mark and Linda Kammer, aka: mom and pop.

We thank you for stopping by to see us and invite you to browse our online catalog and see for yourself why bikers from around the world have made M&M their #1 online source for Harley parts and accessories!


FREE shipping on orders over $150 within the continental U.S. We ship Worldwide!

We guarantee our product will fit on your vehicle our we pay return shipping.

Shop Mozaic Racing for Parts and Accessories for your Harley, Indian, Sport Bike, or Metric.